Taking High Quality Screenshots From Unity 3D Editor

Sometimes, you may need to take a good looking screenshot of your game for successful press kit or artwork. It can be tricky and tedious to take a high-resolution from your Unity 3D editor. But don’t worry now, we found a great Unity plugin that can help you solve the problem.

Install the Instant Screenshot by Saad Khawaja from Asset Store and you can take fullscreen high-resolution screenshot quicker and easier. The plugin is very lightweight and easy to use.

The plugin allows you to use the camera functionality such as culling mask to exclude objects in some layer too. If you need a transparent background, you can change the “Clear Flags” of your camera to “Solid Color” and and check on the “Transparent Background” in the Instant Screenshot options.

Most of the people will find it very difficult to find the right angle and position for the camera. Here are some tips for you to configure your camera easily. In the Scene view, use the Hand tool to find the angle of your view. Once you found the perfect position and angle for your view, while highlighting your Camera object, go to “GameObject” and select “Align with View”, then your Camera will have the same view with your Scene view!

In summary, Instant Screenshot is an awesome tools that can save your times to capture high quality screenshots for your pre-production or post-production work!

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